I write about science, technology and business, and how they intersect to change all our lives. No topic is too arcane! Complicated is good. Controversial is nice, but not required.

I have a particular interest in health information technology and how it affects the quality and cost of health care. I started my journalism career as the information technology beat reporter for Modern Healthcare, and spent several years as a contributing editor to Health Data Management.

I enjoy covering medical meetings, and my strategic location in the Chicago area gives me easy access to a trove of them. For several years I have been a regular correspondent for the largest of them all, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

I was lucky to help document the development of the commercial Internet. I spent the dot-com years as a contributing writer at Internet World, and have more recently contributed to Internet Retailer and the ClickZ Network.

I spent the early 2000s covering micro- and nanotechnology as a contributing writer for the magazine and website Small Times (one of the greatest titles ever dreamed up for a business publication). I loved writing about the commercialization of discoveries that would have sounded like science fiction just a decade earlier.

In addition to my writing activities, I edit papers for NEJM Catalyst, a project of the New England Journal of Medicine that seeks to propel the conversations about the U.S. healthcare system in useful directions. I help authors clarify their message and bolster it with solid arguments and evidence.

Please browse my resume and clips, and contact me.